Upcoming projects

    Ongoing projects

    Here are several projects examples on which we are collaborating : 

    three-hexagons-cell-symbolUK EPR project : Earthquake calculation

    three-hexagons-cell-symbol UK EPR project : HVAC Analysis 

    three-hexagons-cell-symbol UK EPR project : 3D modeling of reinforced concrete plans and 2D layout on TEKLA

    three-hexagons-cell-symbolFlamanville 3 EPR project : EHS assistance

    three-hexagons-cell-symbolHSE supervision of boiler installation work, condenser and turbines on nuclear and thermal power plants in France.

    three-hexagons-cell-symbolCoating supervision on Egina project, Yard of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Oil and Gaz sector

    three-hexagons-cell-symbolGeometry and topography analysis on subsea installations and FPSO for oil and gas, Yard of Lobito, ANGOLA


    Supervision of mechanical assembly works on a power plant in Algeria

    three-hexagons-cell-symbolLead planning mission on HVDC project, France and Italia

    three-hexagons-cell-symbolScheduling on Shell Stones project in the Gulf of Mexico

    three-hexagons-cell-symbolAnalysis of very high voltage station (HTB)

    three-hexagons-cell-symbolAnalysis of electrical installations on Flamanville’s EPR, France.

    three-hexagons-cell-symbolAdministrative management for field teams

    three-hexagons-cell-symbolLow current industrial experts on the project of burial of highly radioactive waste Cigeo, France.

    three-hexagons-cell-symbolGestion du projet de remise en état des pompes et des bacs de stockage sur une usine de fabrication de lubrifiant

    three-hexagons-cell-symbolMission lead welding control over the entire Kusile power plant in South Africa.

    three-hexagons-cell-symbolUpdating of factory plans 

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